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Whether you’re a tinker or a tradesman, Eyemuffs have got you covered. Our range is designed to meet all expectations and conditions.


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Our Vision

Here at Eyemuffs we love our products. We know you will too.
Our vision is to deliver seriously innovative products to improve work comfort and safety conditions.

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Good, better, best.

No matter the task, to achieve your optimum result you have to work with the best. At Eyemuffs, we pride ourselves on bringing the very best safety gear to help boost output, improve comfort and safety while providing enough flexibility to suit any environment.

Why Eyemuffs?

Eyemuffs are set apart from the rest due to its revolutionary features. Designed by a tradesman for tradesmen, you can be assured it’s tried and tested and cut out to perform so you can.

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You’ll be pleasantly surprised at Eyemuffs impressive safety, comfort and practical features. Put simply, Eyemuffs perform as well as they look!

  • I often misplaced my safety glasses. I would then have to back track to figure out where I put them. Now that I wear Eyemuffs, I simply flick the lens up and down in one easy movement. No need to remove. Brilliant!

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  • I work both indoors and outdoors, so the snap on lenses work a treat

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  • My work requires a hard hat on site. I can’t tell you how comfortable the Eyemuffs have been compared to my old earmuffs. No head strap means no more slip, no more fuss.

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  • When you are focusing on the job at hand, you need a smart product like Eyemuffs to support you while you’re on the move. Once you put them on, you’re off – no need to remove until the job is done. Thanks Eyemuffs!

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